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Frequently asked questions

Is there an application?

No there is no need to fill out any application! If you need to send submissions, email them to readingtoflourish@gmail.com.

What is the format of the mental health book video submissions?

1. The book does not explicitly have to be about mental health (it can be about but is not limited to learning emotions, overcoming adversity, or learning healthy coping mechanisms) 2. The intended audience for the books are children and adolescents around 3-14 years old. 3. The videos can be as long as it takes to read the book (10-15 minutes maximum). 4. The video needs to briefly introduce the story and the author in the beginning. 5. You can choose to show yourself or just show the book itself while you are narrating the book. 6. Make sure to read the book in an engaging voice to captivate the audience. 7. Before submitting the book to readingtoflourish@gmail.com, include a brief written synopsis about what the book is about. 8. You can download the book onto google drive and send us the link so that we can download it or you can post the video on your own YouTube channel and send the link to us (please make sure the video is visible to everyone). 9. You will receive 5 hours for each book reading submission (please make sure to scan and send us your school volunteer form to our email). 10. If you would like to see examples of past video submissions please check out our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrVPqcYycCbChgY3_n_qGDA/videos

How can I receive volunteer hours?

1. Each video or coping strategy submission is worth 5 hours. 2. After sending your video or coping strategy submission, please scan and send us your school volunteer form to readingtoflourish@gmail.com. 3. If your school does not have a volunteer form, we can send you a volunteer letter for the confirmation of your hours. 4. If you would like to do a different activity related to mental health and receive hours, please email us so we can provide you an estimation of how many hours you can receive.

How many hours can I receive per submission?

Each video or coping strategy submission is worth 5 hours.

Is there a maximum number of hours I can receive?


What is the format of the coping strategy submissions?

1. They can be a video, infographic or poster. 2. Please make sure to do your research on the coping strategy to ensure it is backed up by research. 3. There is no specific length. 4. The font should be clear and legible if you created a poster or infographic. 5. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. 6. Each coping strategy submission is worth 5 hours. 7. Please make sure to submit the coping strategies to our email at readingtoflourish@gmail.com (include your school volunteer form in the email). 8. Examples include relaxation breathing, exercises, meditation, a list of mental health helplines etc. 9. Past examples can be found on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ReadingtoFlourish