Our Team 

Kristin Legault-Donkers
Jai Ravipati
Sirisha Ravipati

Kristin is in the final year of her program in Psychology and Disability Studies at King's University College at Western University. She intimately understands what it's like to live with mental illness, as she, herself, copes with bipolar disorder. She has authored four children's books on mental health with the goal of increasing mental health literacy among children and their families. She is a passionate advocate for mental health.


Kristin was recognized and nominated as a mental health champion locally and nationally in 2018. She was awarded both the London-Middlesex Mental Health Champion Award and the national Sharon Johnston Champion of Mental Health Award for Youth.


She is also completing independent research on the benefits of bibliotherapy for mental health. Kristin hopes to pursue further studies in School and Applied Child Psychology.  

Jai is in his final year of his studies in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at Western University. Like the rest of our team, he is passionate about mental health literacy for children. He believes that narratives have the power to change how we think, feel and behave. As such, he believes that books can be used as a therapeutic tool to help children with their social and emotional well-being.


Jai also has experience researching issues related to diversity and inclusion. He has worked alongside the city of London to develop a tool kit to reduce discrimination and prejudice in his Psychology 3895E course (Social Science in the Community). 

Sirisha is a third-year student at Western University, who is working towards an Honours Specialization in Biology.


As a young girl, her favourite pastime was reading and discussing books with her friends. She believes stories provide an escape, and a chance to meet new characters that one can relate to. She has recently gained a new appreciation for the use of books for therapeutic purposes. Using literature to navigate our own thoughts and emotions can be extremely helpful in preventing and addressing mental health concerns.


Sirisha assists in web designing for the Reading to Flourish website. 

Here is a video about one of Reading to Flourish's founders, Kristin Legault-Donkers' mental health advocacy work in the London community. 

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