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Credits to Canadian Centre for Child Protection and New Directions

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My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook

All of Louis thoughts are very important to him. In fact, his thoughts are so important to him that when he has something to say, his words begin to wiggle, and then they do the jiggle, then his tongue pushes all of his important words up against his teeth and he erupts, or interrupts others. His mouth is a volcano! My Mouth Is A Volcano takes an empathetic approach to the habit of interrupting and teaches children a witty technique to capture their rambunctious thoughts and words for expression

You should, you should by Ginny Tilby

Hippo's morning starts off good, until friends say, “You should! You should!” You should prance! You should sing! Wear this hat! Stretch your wing! Though Hippo wants to be a friend, he wonders when the “shoulds” will end. Hippo and friends will soon find out that being yourself is what life's about.

I am Human by Susan Verde

A hopeful meditation on all the great (and challenging) parts of being human, I Am Human shows that it’s okay to make mistakes while also emphasizing the power of good choices by offering a kind word or smile or by saying “I’m sorry.” At its heart, this picture book is a celebration of empathy and compassion that lifts up the flawed fullness of humanity and encourages children to see themselves as part of one big imperfect family—millions strong. (Google books)

Don't Feed The WorryBug by Andi Green

Meet Wince, The Monster of Worry, and his number one nemesis, the WorryBug! In this engaging follow-up to The Monster Who Couldn't Decide, Andi Green has created a whimsical adventure that brings another emotion to life. Join Wince as he discovers the secret to keeping his worries from getting monstrous.

Sizwe's Smiles

Today Sizwe learns that a smile is something you can give away without losing it.  (Google Books)

What Happens When A Loved One Dies?

Whether children are experiencing grief and loss for the first time or simply curious, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about death. Using questions posed in a child's voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, this book allows adults to guide the conversation to a natural and reassuring conclusion. (Goodreads)

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud

This heartwarming book can be used as a guide to daily happiness for kids. It encourages positive behaviour by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love by "filling buckets."

I'm Calm by Jayneen Sanders

Theodore is calm. But everyone else in his family isn't! In a time of stress and anxiety, Theodore shows his family ways he's learned to stay calm. This book was made to help kids overcome anxiety and stressful situations.

Danny and the Blue Cloud

Danny the bear was born under a blue cloud that makes him feel unhappy and lose interest in playing with his friends. Barnaby the rabbit introduces him to the "Feel Good Rules" to reshape his thinking more positively, increase his self-esteem, and raise his energy level. Eventually Danny realizes he has the power to turn his blue cloud into a rainbow.

Lucy's Blue Day

Lucy's Blue Day is about a very special little girl with magical hair. It changes colour with her emotions. If she is feeling happy, it is purple. If she is jealous, it will turn green. This charming story is the tale of when Lucy wakes up and her hair is blue, and she doesn't understand why.

Sticky Brains

Bad Thoughts Are Sticky! Aria is having a tough week. All she remembers is the bad stuff that happens. Then she discovers something amazing: her brain gets good at what it practices. (Yours does too!) She learns to make good thoughts stick too, just by paying attention in a new way. Join Aria in exploring how to use your own brain-changing powers! The book includes additional information on mindfulness, negativity bias, and neuroplasticity as well as exercises and activities for children and

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker

All kids have trouble getting a grip on their emotions sometimes, even young superheroes. What do superheroes do when they're sad, mad, frustrated, lonely, or afraid? What if they're having a bad day or don't get their way? (Scholastic) The link provides a video reading and after the book, Jamie does a mindfulness activity.

Zoey Has Very Glum Days

Zoey has very glum days. She doesn't want to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, even when it is her favourite meal: grilled cheese. She doesn't sleep well, She doesn't even want to play with her friends. After talking to her mom about how she is feeling, Zoel goes to see the doctor and a counsellor. With their help, Zoey learns how to manage her sadness and turn her frown upside down.

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